New & Existing Clients

The Golden Rule

The BSAH Staff works hard to provide your pet with excellent medical care. We not only care about your pet, but also about you as our client. We value and appreciate all that you do for your pet, and we are proud to be along with you for that journey.

We have wonderful relationships with our clients. Covid threw a wrench into the works, and the world changed. We are still the same dedicated hospital team who is here for you and your pet.

There have been many changes in our field, including a shortage of veterinarians, technical staff, and staff in general. Price increases are happening throughout the country in every industry, not just ours. Many veterinary hospitals are going through this at the same time, and we are navigating, together, how to minimize any consequences to our clients and patients.

Our intention when we start in this field is not to get rich, but rather to help you and your pet have the best relationship by keeping them happy and healthy. We will continue to offer estimates on all procedures so you as a pet owner can make informed decisions about your pet’s care. We request that if you have any financial concerns, please ask for an estimate, and talk with us prior to having a service done. We do require payment at the time of service, not after the service has been done. Our doctors are happy to work with you and provide a plan that will continue to meet our high standards of providing medical excellence while working within any financial constraints or concerns that you may have.

We value your time just as much as ours, but we are a hospital and emergencies and complications happen. We will always do our best to stick to your appointment slots. If we are running behind, know we are not trying to waste your time, but emergencies are just that, emergencies. We will do our best to keep you informed if our team is running behind.

If you reach out to us and we do not immediately respond, please do not worry. In an effort to increase the convenience of communication for you, our clients, we have added a number of other methods to contact us such as PetDesk, texting, emailing, etc. If you need to leave a message, we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, we have an emergency option on the phone and our staff will be able to help triage over the phone.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

We all want what is best for you and your pet and are working as hard as we can to accommodate everyone. If you fail to treat our staff with a basic level of respect, kindness, and understanding, we may need to sever our ties and you will need to find another hospital that is better suited to your needs.

Thank you for considering our hospital as your pet’s provider of veterinary services. We are dedicated to maintaining the health of your pet and look forward to many future years together.