On-Site Laboratory

Routine laboratory tests may be run at the hospital at the time of your appointment.

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Boiling Springs Animal Hospital offers a full spectrum of services. Here are a few more of the services we can provide for your pet. If you have any concerns for your pet's well-being call us to discuss your pet or schedule an appointment for an examination.

Nutritional Management

We can help your pet with both health maintenance and special dietary needs. Talk to us about what's best for your pet.

Pain Management

Ask for our assistance with managing your pet's chronic pain.

Acute Injuries ~ car injury, fractures, strains or sprains

If your pet has been injured, let us help. For urgent care contact us immediately or follow the emergency contact instructions for after-hours care.

Lifestyle Changes

Are you and your pet changing lifestyle or environments? Discuss your pet's optimal health care under these upcoming or new conditions.


We offer in-hospital care for situations such as post-surgical recovery.